Im looking to pick up some new modulation pedals. Anyone have any good words for a particular chorus,flanger or phaser Id love to get any reccomendations I can.
the Phase 90 and the EXH small stone are good. the MXR flanger is good to
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the Boss flanger is really great, from what I've heard.

ya might wanna get an EHX chorus pedal, can't remember the name of it at the moment. I have a really old, nasty, black ibanez chorus that is better than every expensive chorus i have tried. check pawn shops often.

as for phaser...not sure. look at what some of your influences use, and see if those pedals are in your price range. i highly recommend Boss or EHX
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how good is the small stone?
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how good is the small stone?


There's a bit of a volume drop in it. If it annoys you, the Nano Stone's pretty much the same as it, but with less of a drop.
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