so last night i'm with this girl in her room and i really want to make a move on her and hook up and stuff, just start making out, but it's weird, like I have no idea how to go by doing this. I dont want to just lean over and just start making out with her, there has to be something that you can say to make it less awkward or something. I dont know... and this wasn't the first time either so I really need to learn how to do this, cause my game is good up until it's time to go in for the kill... so someone please help me!
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Don't put too much thought into it or wait too long when you get close enough to her, move in. If this doesnt work then you never really had too much of a shot.
I ated them all.
whip it out

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

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whip it out



just kiss her if it feels good? honestly you will know. if a girl wants you to kiss her

she will make it obvisous.
Stand up, position your crotch at the same height as her face, unzip and remove, then just windmill it so the end slaps her nose on the way up... She'll get the picture
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look into her eyes

whisper something sexy like "hey woman make me a sammich"

if she refuses, go for the rape

surprise sex > getting all nervous trying to make out with her
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Ask her if you can kiss her.
We don't tend to like being taken by surprise.

What? Most girls would say that's the last thing you should do.
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just kiss her with out asking women love to be surprised.

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Ask her if you can kiss her.
We don't tend to like being taken by surprise.

Who to listen to...
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well if ur cuddlin up, and she turns kinda your way then just go for it cause it means shes lookin for it...otherwise maybe rub her arm, leg or somethin to get her thinkin then if she responds then just go for it
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Dancing in circles around her with your willy while wearing a multicolored octopus costume is a 100% guaranteed way to win her.
The ONLY relationship thread is that way.

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