Hey I need you help. Im going to be playing at this talent show thing soon. The problem is a only havea crappy little 30W/I dont think it will stand up to 800 ppl. I no nothing about guitar mic'n and some on told me I can use a PA or something to make it louder. How do I hook one of these to my amp?
plug a mic into the p.a.

position the mic in front of your speaker

turn on the amp and p.a.

turn up the volume on your amp and the p.a.

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if your amp has a line out, you can plug it directly into the p.a. and just use the p.a. for volume
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If the place has a PA system you would put the mic in front of the amp.
But I wouldn't worry about it really. A lot of people that play in front of 1300 people at my school only use a 15 watt guitar amp. So don't worry too much. You should be able to compete with a drummer to some degree, if you're playing with one.

How you position the mic in front of the amp will change the sound drastically.
Do you use a BR-600?
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Well I see your point. It's not as easy as in the middle or so. There is A LOT of thigns to be said about micing amps, and I know quite a bit about them.

To start with for a mic, I recommend Shure SM57's, they're cheap, reliable and have great sound. Mount the mic on a mic stand. Position the mic in fort of your amp.

The first thing that you will have to decide is distance, the closer the brighter. If you position it about 1' from the amp, you get a very full tone, quite fat and clsoer it will get brighter. Simple as that. Then you speak about something called on axis and off axis. On axis means that the mic is facing the speaker, while off means it's point at the speaker from the side. Generally you point the mic at about the middle of the speaker, but you vary too. Try what sounds best.
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