well anyway im lookin forward to thursday...

normally playin through a marshall mg30dfx and boss gt3 so hopefully ill be in for bit of a treat.

plan on gettin a dual rectifier 2 channel when one eventually pops up. cabs got the vintage 30's in so its all good.

ive heard the peavey 6505 is a one trick pony but thats fine im not really a clean channel user but obviously an amp that does everything well would be great.

anyway this is my first post just wondered what people think of my new set up....

this is the best guitar site on the net No Contest!!!!

oh yeah... lastly do the peaveys only do thrash hardcore style distortion or will it do papa roach linkin park type ok aswell?? obviously the price had an influence when i bit the bullet and bought it...
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buy a noise gate.

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The Peavey should handle just about any type of music that you play through it. It is more geared towards high gain, however.

And + 1 to the noise gate. They come in handy all the time. I'm getting one soon.

EDIT: Sorry, mate! Forgot to congratulate you on your new gear!

Congrats man! That is definately an upgrade from the MG. I used an MG50 for a year or two, then realized how bad it was (thanks to this site. Anyone remember that thread?).


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I know I've been guilty of buying before trying but I've never bought a cab + head without trying. I hope you like it...!
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I would recommend an EQ pedal for the FX loop and an ISP Decimator/G-String to clear it up a bit as that is a noisy combo!
Very nice though, and yeah, it can do slightly lighter stuff quite well too.
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