As much as I love my Gallien Krueger gear, I have not heard favourable things about their lower end stuff, the artists series is great. But response towards the backline series is not good.

Check out ashdown MAG's, they'll be a better quality/price ratio.

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I own a GK Backline 112. For the love all that is bass, don't go near their low end stuff; there's much better options out there.
Ashdown, Peavey, Carvin, and Fender all have really good stuff in that price range, or a little higher.
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The general consensus is the low end stuff is crap, although i've never played the low end stuff. I have a 700RBII and through a decent cab it sounds phenomenal
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Most low-end stuff is crap - it's a "you get what you pay for" thing.

Just ask yourself if you're settling for what you can get now, or if you could wait a month or two and save up enough money for what you really want (and need) in order to play your music.

My friend's bass tone kicks ass, he has this combo: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/GallienKrueger-1001RBII-70050W-Biamp-Bass-Head?sku=482588 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/GallienKrueger-Goldline-4x10-Bass-Cabinet?sku=486511
I like the cab, but the head, I'm not too sure about, but the cab gets a nice punch, worth the extra $100 IMO, but its up to you, you gotta use the thing!
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Ive got the backline 600 and the 4x10 as well

I like it. granted its not the best around, but it does sound nice to me.
A little more head room would be nice sometimes but it usually can hold its own against a marshal 100w half and a drummer who doesn't know what dynamics means.

Good luck on finding an amp

its not a bad amp
not is just ok for the price
not a big deal
try one yourself and if you like it go with it
IMO they have too muddy tones but some people like that, i dont
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Either look at Ashdown MAG heads and MAG cabs, or go for a nice Fender Bassman combo.

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Well, you have to decide whether you want a combo or separate head + cab - it seems like you don't even know that yet.
I would prefer a combo but if a head and cabinet means better quality then I would go with the head and cabinet.
The Fender is a little underpowered. It's better for blues players who don't need the volume.

The ashdown is a great choice and also comes as a combo. Exact same thing. Be advised it's a 4-ohm head and an 8-ohm cab. To get the full 307W you can add a 115 or another 410. (or even a 210)

It's likely you won't need it though..not for a while at least.
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