The search light flickers
on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off in time to the fluttering butterfly,
Two children lie naked, Vulnerable, Pink but colour-less
Growing trapped inside her womb,
The flickering light marks the escape,
Small of chance but possible; Just for one.

It took time
With folded hands and mental maps
Marking the exit and keeping to the beat
But she made it out on the corner of Harlowe street
Silent but for her screams,
"I can still hear you sister, I'll never forget our dreams".
I like the second stanza much more than the first.
The rhyming seems to keep it together, and it makes it more sensually interesting. The first stanza was a struggle to read.

If you decide that you like the non-rhymeness of the first stanza, I'd get rid of the rhymes in the second - too much of a change, while the message doesn't differ much.

Also, in the second, your rhyming pattern is : ABCCDC. which is kind of interesting, but... I think it sounds weird how you have a couplet in the middle of four differential lines. If you could put something between the CC it would sound better, I think. But maybe that's just me.