i've been looking at them and they are great guitars except for one main problem thats said often- they come out of tune easily. advice on how to fix this or if this is true
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ive heard the same thing about them. But due to the fact that i dont like the guitar, ive never played one long enough to find out(not saying i hate strats, cause i own 2squiers and 1 american strat). Maybe people just overdo the whammy on it?
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With fresh strings after putting strings on stretch them then retune If you got tremolo
(a whammy bar) you have to keep retuning until all strings are in tune .The basics of tremolo are you have three springs behind that piece of plastic on the back of your
strat they fight the strings tension as you tighten the strings the springs stretch they
have to find an equal balance.Play you High E string and pull the low e string and listen to what happens.the other factor is your neck and truss rod: if the truss rod is loose and you
play hard pulling and pushing the neck you will be pulling and pushing your notes out of tone.Next is intonation :plug your guitar into a tuner play all 6 open strings one at a time then at the 12th fret if they dont read the same on the tuner your intonation is out next is the angle of the tremolo to the body is high from the body or laying on the body of the guitar,It is not correct and you will get a false intonation read.If you need more help
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dude if you dont stretch the strings your dead meat the first time you you do a bend
just lay your guitar on a flat surface and grab the string and gently lift until the the guitar is almost beginning to rise up off the flat surface Go slow if your using .009 gauge