so i recently bought a solid state fender eighty-five combo amp. i played it for a while with a clean sound and like it alot but when i tried running my boss ds-1 and mt-2 metal zone through it they didnt seem to have as much power as when ive run them through different amps in the past. I guess im just wondering if different amps will take distortion better or worse and if in this case the amp just doesnt like producing a very distorted sound.

thanks alot
The MT-2 will tend to sound the same through any amp, but overdrive and distortion sounds better through valve amps.
Yes yes yes. Different amps take pedals differently. Just like amps can sound different with different guitars-- pickups for that matter (humbucker, single coil). Usually I'd say a solidstate is a bit better for distortion pedal, just an opinion. But getting a good distorted sound out of that Fender is like trying to get a good clean sound out of an MG. Most Fender amps are famous for cleans and bluesy sounds.
just gotta tweak your settings till you find the sweet spot, but every amp will take stuff differently
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