I've been toying with this idea a bit and have finally come down to a fairy easy and painless project. I've always been a fan of the Les Paul Jr/Melody Maker style guitars (no frills, single pickup), but there's no way I'm going to spend that type of dough on a lefty, therefor, I made something similar. Started off with a stock GAX70L, stripped it down, put in 500k pots, 2-way toggle for pickup split, a Duncan Custom, Gotoh bridge, speed knobs, and a custom pick guard to cover up the empty holes.

I started off with this concept drawing:

But soon realized I couldn't find grey pickguard material, so I had to modify my design a bit:

Disassembly pics:

Making the pickguard:

Assembly pics:

I originally bought a Custom-5 and swapped out the A5 magnet for a ceramic, making it a custom:


The pickguard was by far the most time consuming part of the project. I think it turned out well though, and she certainly rips. The coil split gives the Custom a nice Tele sound which I'm pleased with. All in all it took about 6 hours from tear down to completion. What do you all think?
i think the grey would look cool. im not diggin the blonde on black so much...
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Awesome dude!! It's really cool, the pickuard with other design could be better, but in that way is good too...

Keep rocking!
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i think the grey would look cool. im not diggin the blonde on black so much...

Yeah, I'm still going to be on the lookout for a sheet of grey vinyl, but the cream will have to do for now.
I really like it. I thought the color of the pickguard was odd at first but it grew on me. Nice work!


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turned out awesome. where did you get the pickguard material?
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Thats amazing dude. For such a little amount of time and labor it sure looks great!

What did you use to cut the pick guard material? I'm guessing once you had the basic shape you filed it to the final polished shape right?
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I bought the pick guard material from stewmac. It was like 15 bucks for 12x18 (enough for 2 guards). I did a rough cut with a dremel then used a flat file for the convex curves and the round file for the concave. You have to do it in a swooping motion in order to get the curves to flow together. After that I just used some sand paper for final details. I rounded the corners as well with the sand paper.
Uhm... I know it's a little late (you can still do it though), but you do know you can spray paint the pickguard material the color you want? My friend did it with his Gibson V and it looks AWESOME!
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like the design but not feeling the color.
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Oh yeah you could just get some paint made for plastic... presto your done.
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wow that looks suprisingly really nice, good job, i think the cream looks great.
Good call on the spray painting. I'm going to go check it out, see if I can find the color I want. Thanks.
Just updating this thread with some new modifications. I decided to put a neck pup back in it. In the picture is a GFS Fat Pat but I've since returned it and I'm going to get either a SD 59 or Jazz shortly. Bought another 500k pot, toggle, tuners (had a little accident with the oem ones :\ ) and some bell knobs. Its wired up two volume and one master tone. I also relocated the jack to the front and sprayed the pickguard flat black.