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Godin Exit 22
9 60%
Ibanez RG370DX
1 7%
I don't know / something else
5 33%
Voters: 15.
Its a tough choice:

Godin Exit 22
+ Better sound
+ Better feel
- more expensive ($200 more)
- no tremolo

Ibanez RG370DX
+ Tremolo system
+ cheaper but still a good sound and feel
- doesn't sound as good as the Godin
- doesn't feel as good as the Godin

Ideally, I would like a guitar than can play anything from blues to technical death metal. What would you pick?

Get a high end LTD such as the MH400 with EMG's and a floyd
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Get a high end LTD such as the MH400 with EMG's and a floyd

I might save up more. If I do, I'll have to wait at least a year and I'll have to order it from out of town. Also, I'm left handed and not all guitars come left handed.
Godin. Enough said.
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The build of the Godin is as great as the RG's isn't. So if you're choosing by quality, it's a no-brainer. I'd say the Godin is more versatile out of the box, the pickups are good, and it's made in the US of A. The RG, on the other hand has issues with its hardware, and the pickups are utter trash. The necks on the Ibanez are slightly flatter and much thinner, but the fretwork on a Godin neck will likely make an Indo Ibanez look like a toy. Good for metal? It has hottish pickups and a mahogany body, so it's got the specs for heavy stuff. I mean, the RG with those Inf pups is anything but good for metal.

Now, looks are an entirely different issue.
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Godin. I have a Godin LGX. It is pretty cool. I have an old Ibanez RG, too. It plays well but I do not like the sound of a low price IBZ