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Peavey Windsor Studio
8 33%
Fender Blues Junior
14 58%
Fender Champ 600 w/ OD Pedal
5 21%
Voters: 24.
i need an all tube amp

under $400

wattage doesn't matter, but dont post a 50 watt amp that sounds terrible

anywhere from bluesy cleans to marshall overdrive is needed, so must be versatile. if it isnt versatile you can add a recommended pedal

effects loop is optional

3 band eq is a must as well as preamp and power amp volumes

reverb is optional

one channel may be better
^lololololol yeah thats there for a reason....

but as for the amp, the Peavey windsor 20w combo seems to suit your needs. its exactly $400 thoguh, so that wont meet ur price range, but its worth savin up a little longer...
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i'd also vote for the blues junior...though i'd look into the windsor studio version...

i've just never played one, so I can't recommend one...
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yeah i meant 400 and under

i might need to order the windsor becasue my sam ash, guitar center, and mom and pop store dont have them in stock
ill try the blues junior

il need to order the blackheart and tiny terror

btw how does a fender champ and an overdrive like a mxr distortion + sound?

better or worse than the others?
i put a poll up there

i tried the black heart and the tiny terror and it didnt do anything for me
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yeah i meant 400 and under

i might need to order the windsor becasue my sam ash, guitar center, and mom and pop store dont have them in stock

The EQ on the Windsor is worthless.

It does have an effects loop though and the attenuator is nice.

The jury's still out on the Windsor for me. I ordered a speaker for it - it should be here in the next couple of days - so we'll see.
the BJ is more expensive and with the od pedal and the tiny terror is a bit too expensive.
i might be able to get it

does the windsor have any cleans, like if i put it in the low gain input and turned my humbucking guitar volume to like 3 and the preamp to 2? i like it for its suppoisedly british sound and attenuator

is the blackheart close to the epi valve junior with more features?

the valvetronix is not all tube. might not be what i looking for

thanks for the responces. hope it continues.
blackheart plus bad monkey = win. soon within the next couple of days i'll post some youtube clips showing the kind of gain it can get by itself and w/ an OD. and a lil of it's clean stuff. but everyone wants to hear it do its HEAVY side.
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Do you have to have a new amp? If you would go used a Peavey Classic 30s are always going for 400 and under on ebay. They are much better than the other options you are looking at and would really fit your style well. Keep in mind though with a used tube amp you might need to replace the tubes soon after you buy it, so that would add 50 dollars+ to any used tube amp you buy, unless they have already been replaced, then you would be good to go. Good luck
Please don't buy a Windsor, ANY OF THEM. They sound horrible. I have tried multiple for well over a couple hours of dialing in tones.
Just get the champ 600, as long as you don't need much volume, you'll get great cleans/smooth blues breakup. And then add something like an Maudio Crunchbox for the higher gain marshally tones you need.