Hey guys. I've seen a few demos of this pedal, but I still have these few questions. Is the Boss GT-8 a good pedal? Should I get it? Is it easy to use? Thanks in advance.
I can answer one of those questions: No, it is not easy to use. It takes quite a while to get the hang of it and a lot of tweaking to get a sound you like. It has a lot of potential but you're going to be spending a lot of time tweaking and scrolling through menus.

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Actually, I just got one

Yes, it is pretty complex, but I think the sound is amazing.

But the complexity gives you more options in sound I think. And you can download patches, so if someone has a patch for a sound you like, you can download it instead of making it yourself.
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^ what he said. Though i have no experience with the gt-8 ive played/used/owned a few multi-effects units/processors and theyre all the same in one aspect. You must read the manual multiple times, and then customize eveeeeerry pre-set to make them sound perfect, otherwise youll be stuck with the dull or too bright sound of the standard effect
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I have the GT8, I think it's awesome. Doesn't take THAT long to learn how to use, but to use it to its full potential will take some time. The first couple of weeks involves a lot of referring to the manual.

The GT8 has been discontinued though, as the GT10 has replaced it. The GT10 looks a helluva lot more simple to use, I haven't seen it in much detail so I'm not sure what features it has that the GT8 doesn't.

Personally I'd choose the GT8 over the GT10, as I've seen the GT8 for £200. The GT10 RRP is $499 (about £250) so do some research on them 2 to find out which is better for you.

EDIT: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=596400&page=1&pp=20
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The GT-8 is a real good multi FX board for the money. I love mine and will always have it.

It is a little complex at first because of how in depth it can be, but once you're used to it, it is real easy and quick to to anything you want.

There is a good GT-8 forum that has some real good tutorials on setup and doing different things. If you haven't already I would DL the manual and start reading.
It's a pretty decent unit. I just sold mine for $225 on Craigslist. The delay, chorus, and reverb are good. The wah is awful. I didn't like the univibe either. One advantage of the GT-8 is you can have multiple modulation FX. In addition to chorus, you have two FX controls that allow extra modulation FX. Very tweakable. The amp sims and distortion are fizzy and leave a lot to desire. I used distortion pedals in the loop when I had mine.

I've decided to use all separate pedals now (although I use a magicstomp as a pedal). For multiFX units I like them to have a drum machine for practice. The GT-8 doesn't. I also like the 8 track recorder on my GNX3. But for tone I've turned to pedals.
it is no plug and play but if you take the time there is no better multi effects pedal out there... well for under 1500
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There certainly is a learning curve in using the Boss GT-8. I'm by no means a tech head but I was squeezing usable tones out of it in the first hour, and getting great tones out of it within a couple of days, spending maybe 1-2 hours a day playing with it.

The presets are very much for showing off it's capabilities, and I didn't really find anything usable there.

Just like a regular guitar rig, you need to spend time with it and "build" your sound piece by piece (find a preamp setting you like, find an od/dist to put on top of that, so on).

But by no means would I consider it "difficult" after you learn it.

Also, it's very easy to tweak on the fly in a live situation once you learn how to use it, since there's a ton of knobs and you usually don't have to get too deep in the menu system.

Finally, it really depends on what you're using it for. Live? Recording? Both? My main gripe with the GT-8 is that, in my opinion, the amp models don't sound as good as Line 6's if you're recording direct, but they do sound okay. I skip the amp models altogether when I'm playing live, and use the effects only.

At home, I plug into it with headphones and it is my practice amp. Very, very flexible piece of equipment.

All in all, having owned a GT-8 for the past year and a half, I love it, and would suggest it to anyone that is thinking about getting it.
tis a fiddly bitch - when i use those multi effects pedals i ALWAYS go through a tube power amp (or send/return) to warm it up

takes people 3-10hrs of work to get GOOD tones on those - though they are capable of loaaaaads of things.

good for effects - not as use for an "amp"