I've had limited experience with chords and lately I've been trying to alternate between the G Maj chord and the C Maj chord. I've been practicing for 8 hours total stretched over 3 days and I'm still not able to play it in time. Is this normal?

Also, is it true that if I just concentrate on technique and perfect that, then later I will eventually get the speed? Thanks.
when I was doing chords...it was hard for a really long time but it kept getting better every day. and pretty soon i didn't worry about chords because they were so easy to change from chord to chord.
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the last part is true.

and just play it slow and build up to the speed you're wanting to play the chords.
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Yeah, it takes time to get everything down. Just take it slow, only as fast as you're comfortable with, and over time you'll be able to play it faster.
thats all true, chords, like everything else are harder when youve just began, it will all come faster later, given that you practice often, and correctly,

for me it was sort of when it rained it poured, the first 2-3 months were the slowest learning for me, but now its all coming very quickly
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I used to watch TV and practice changing chords (still listening out to see if I was fingering the chord correctly). It all starts to sink in to your muscle memory over time.

Good luck.