well im guessing no but theres also an inkling of why not.

basicly ive got a 212 laney tube combo thats loud as hell and have been lookign at getting an attenuator. Also the stock spaekers are a bit crap and was thinking about getting some Greenbacks or something to put it in. Also not sure what to do with the old speakers as i really cba with ebay as i dont even already have an account.

so......... i though id try and kill 2 birds with one stone by getting the Celestions and putting them in my amp in place of the old speakers BUT would it be at all realistic to dismantle my old speakers to remove the cone and have them work as an attenuator and leave them hooked up. I realise i wouldnt get any control over how much attenuation id get but it should make a noticable cut in volume and allow me to dime my amp.

Is it possible?

EDIT- oh i forgot the amp has an impedance switch so id be running it in 4ohms for 4x16ohms speakers.
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