I recently bought an new amp, a randall rg50 tc, and i realized that i still had my jim dunlop gcb wah pedal somewhere which sounded pretty ****e with my mg, so i hooked it up to see what it would be like, but i'm gettin a sh*t load of buzz and when the wah does cut through the mix it sounds trebly and harsh and basically horrible. So if anyone could help me out on fixing this problem id like it? Also ive noticed that just straight guitar and amp, im gradually gettin more and more fuzzy ****e on the gain channels, when i first had the amp there was very little hum and im not sure if this is to do with my guitar, because its a completely stock no name strat knock off. thanks for any replies guys...
I did sorta say i just got like a £350 new amp? im askin for help on gettin a better sound and eliminating the fuzz please...
are you running the wah off batteries? if so change em.
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