I seem to have hit a writers block music wise for my band.

I was wondering which of the two is best in your opinion:

1. Listen to different forms of music and genres even if you don't usually listen to them.


2. Listen continuously to the type of music that inspires you as a musician and closer to the type of music your band plays in.
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Same with me man, except it's been with me for...since I started playing.

But yes, the first one would most likely work the best. IMO. I listen to everything from like, tech death, to jazz fusion and classical stuff, and as far as my knowledge, it's helped. I just can't figure out how to write it out haha.

Goodluck on getting through the block though, man.
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I like both but i think just getting inspired will help. Once you get inspired you will start writing songs, it doesn't matter if they're not good, the fact you're writing is good. After a while you'll be writing better like before.

I haven't written much in a while (for myself atleast, not my band) and i listened to R.E.M. last night (amazing band btw, one of my favs) and i started a song that i'm really liking so far.

Hope you get back to writing soon. Writer's block sucks. We all get it but in the end we all make it through so keep your head up.
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