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Smoke on the Water I suppose.
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Quote by CorvetteRick
Songs a guitarist should know?
How bout... whichever ones they want to learn?

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Yes but there has to be songs that would definately benefit a guitarist to know.....
Quote by CorvetteRick
Songs a guitarist should know?
How bout... whichever ones they want to learn?


Maybe I Cum Blood...

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well idk the cliche songs that all guitarists know: crazy train, smoke on the water, iron man, stairway, sweet child o mine.

but its not necessarily the songs that they SHOULD know. nobody has to know a certain song to be a good guitarist
There are no solos everyone should learn. Learn what you like, or don't. In fact, people don't have to learn solos at all if they don't want. There are no rules in guitar that apply across all genres.
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From PG Website:
Quote by Paul Gilbert

1. "Circumstances" by Rush (from the album "Hemispheres")
2. "Mother Mary" by UFO (from "Strangers in the Night")
3. "Little Dreamer" by Van Halen (from "Van Halen")
4. "If I Fell" by The Beatles (from "A Hard Day's Night")
5. "Riff Raff" by AC/DC (from "If You Want Blood You've Got It")
6. "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" by The Ramones (from "Rocket to Russia")
7. "Gettin' Betta" by Pat Travers (from "Live! Go For What You Know")
8. "Day of the Eagle" by Robin Trower (from "Bridge of Sighs")
9. "Majestic" by Journey (from "Evolution")
10. "No Matter What" by Badfinger (from "The Very Best of Badfinger")

After that, you should be ready for anything!
you don't have to learn any songs be a guitar player. i mean sure, you learn songs that you like, you build your chops up, but you create your own style from there. just cuz you dont know certain songs doesn't make you a bad guitar player. so many people get so caught up in learning songs and solos note for note, and nailing another players tone, that instead of being guitar players, they become jimmy page, john petrucci wannabe's.
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Quote by CorvetteRick
Songs a guitarist should know?
How bout... whichever ones they want to learn?


i hate it when my friend keeps telling me to learn stairway and if i don't i can't call myself a guitarist.
Nobody "should" know any certain song, because everyone listens to different music.

Therefore, that question makes no sense.
None. People should play what they want, not what everyone ELSE wants.
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