well im looking to buy a guitar between £200-300 (about 400-600 USD). not very expensive as it wont be my main guitar (my main is a maverick x1 with floyd rose + seymour duncans ).

basically i will be using this guitar for gigs/practising with my ska/punk band and also alternate tunings for my main band (rock/metal), so it has to be fairly flexible. also, no floating tremelos, as i probably will be changing the tuning fairly often, and i am sick of setting up a floyd rose for different tunings evey other day/

i am thinking maybe this - (g-400 sg custom) http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/electric_guitars/epiphone/g-400_custom/index.html as apparantly its really good for the price and versatile + i have played a few sgs before and like the feel. what are your opinions on this? i could always upgrade the pickups if needed.

so what guitar do you reccomend?