I've seen some old suggestions in the threads and on other sites, but wanted to get any tidbits from people who recently had to tackle this problem - I have a Mesa Tremoverb 2x12 and it reeks of cigarettes from the previous owner (and his gigs, I assume).

While I wait for new tubes to come in the mail (I'm replacing the entire suite of tubes with Eurotubes' recommendations), I cleaned all of the EXTERIOR vinyl/leather surface with armor-all until the paper towels came away pure white, as opposed to coming away with black grime before. I dabbed some Febreze all over the front grill cloth, and I stuck a box of pass-thru refrigerator baking soda inside the back cavity... but the thing still reeks of cigarettes. Any other ideas? Thanks!
That seems like a temporary thing, like it will just cover it up for a day - like if you put axe spray on your body, but you really just need a shower, eventually the spray wears off and you still smell like a dumptruck
maybe aim a fan at it for a long time? spray something nice smelling but not overpowering like Axe into the fan so it shoots back at the amp and disperses it?
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Yeah, it definitely has a "I'm a bad-ass Mesa and I've been played better than you'll ever know" vibe to it now, with the little dings and marks in the vinyl here and there, and the ancient, original Mesa tubes that should have been replaced years ago (I think they're 10 years old or more!), but maybe I'll try the white vinegar in a cup trick as soon as I get the new tubes, and have to open up the back anyway.
If you have a back garden and it isn't raining, leave the amp outside for a while, maybe with a fan on it.
No back garden, I'm in the city - if I stick it outside, it'll probably "vanish" within 5 minutes
Even if you're sitting on it?

Or open all of your windows then, and see if you can get the amp onto a table near a window.
Well, I have a fan right in front of an amp blowing fresh air into the back of it - and I'm sticking a pass-thru baking soda box inside the back cavity. I'll let that go for a couple of hours, come back and check on it. If it's not getting even slightly better, then it's onto the vinegar trick next.
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Get some gel air freshener and jut leave it in there until the air freshener smell takes over the cigarette smell. After that happens remove air freshener and hopefully over time it'll smell normal.
cover it up with the smell of weed.
actually i dont know, i would be surprised if you can get rid of the smell. my uncle gave me his 60's Gibson es175 and it reeks of cigars and bars. its part of its charm though.
Good luck man, I've got an old Scott stereo cabinet (like a radio that is in a furniture cabinet not for guitar) that my Grandmother had who smoked a lot and I could never quite get rid of the smell. The best two things are to let it air out, like maybe leave that back off, and the fan idea sounds good, doesn't have to be out side. And the baking soda, if you can I would try to clean the wood/vinyl on the inside if you can do so safely if not, don't try its not worth it. But definately letting it air out helps a lot, over a long time it will fade.
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Just hang those little pine tree car fresheners all over it. Or stick those little blue air freshener circles all over it.
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try oust, i here that can get smells out of anything. its just a spray. it should hurt anything.
Don't spray anything on it. You've cleaned the tolex, the rest of the smell is trapped in the wood and the guts. I'd pull the chassis, put it on top of the cab so you can still play it, and then get a fan blowing on the back of the thing to air out the inside. It'll go away with time.
FWIW my les paul reeked of pot smoke for a good two months after I got it. Airing it out does the trick, though I still catch a whiff occasionally when I open it up.
Replace the cloth. Do search for "acoustically transparent cloth". It shouldn't cost u much.
Lots of good suggestions as always (and a few funny ones too), thanks so far UG'ers!

So far the exterior tolex is totally cleaned, all sides. When I'm home and can leave the window open, now that it's warming up here, I have a fan in front of the window blowing fresh air into the back of it. I also have a baking soda box in the back cavity, but so far overnight that didn't help it at all.

I don't want to tear out the original cloth or tolex or anything other than the tubes and fuse, since none if it is "damaged", so I'm going to leave those as-is. I also bought one of those concentrated car air fresheners, the really strong ones that supposedly last a month, I think after I get the new tubes in and the sockets cleaned, I'll stick that in the box next to the baking soda box, open it up, and then put a garbage bag over the amp so it's stuck in there with the air freshener.

Now that you guys mention it, I suppose I could open up the back and at least try cleaning some of the interior wood with Pledge or something like that... but it's really rough, untreated wood, so I don't know if there's really a good product for that, or even a good way to apply it (I don't want to spray, since I'll probably get liquid into the important places!)
Lots of good suggestions. Febreze, white vinegar, and baking soda all work. So do coffee grounds in a little dish or cup. The smell will go away eventually, it will take a little time. By doing this stuff you are greatly accelerating the process of the smell going away.

btw, don't mix the baking soda and vinegar together ... the results will not be pretty
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Start smoking.

This is the best suggestion
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Haha, I like the start smoking suggestion.

In reality, removing everything from the cab, giving it nice air movement, and clean/wash everything.
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The vinegar trick will/should work. Car dealerships use it to get the smoke smell out of used cars! Do it! NOW!!! Also, where are the pics?!?
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