so i have a single coil pickup that i destroyed in my search to find out what was going on inside the plastic cover last year and i now plan on repairing it. i know that i can do this by unwinding the wire and then rewinding whatever wast broken back on to the bobbin or whatever. seeing as how i only really get one chance to try to re wind it, i was looking for some advice on how to do it gently and fairly quicky.

i dont have a record player.

also, i was thinking that it might be possible to modify the pickup so it could be like a danelectro lipstick pick up. any ideas on how to go about that?
I dunno, winding pickups can be tricky stuff, especially if you want it to be actually used for music rather than make squawking noises.
Often people do it wrong and it ends up making sounds that shouldn't come out of an instrument.
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You cant just leave off half the wire. You will need new wire. And figure 5000 wraps or more. If you want to learn how to do it then a good place to start. But if youre expecting to wrap half the old wire onto it and expect it to sound decent it wont. If it works at all.