Old old old.
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Badreligionrock is the man.

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Badreligionrock you have the greatest avatar of all time. Rejected is the best video. Period.
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Old old old.

No wai?

I just found that tonight I feel so left out in the world

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Guitars are teh phail.

Real mean play the theremin.

There's a video on youtube of some dude using a theremin with a talk box... add some wah-wah and there's a real man's instrument.
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i used a digitech whammy pedal on this song!

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This man knows his beverages.
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^somebody get this man 30 million dollars.
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I think I love you. I consider you a prominent UGer.
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That makes me want to punt an infant. /fail
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yeah was weird cause she liked us both but she loved him and for some reason she let me know beforehand.

i just wanted her poon and she wanted me to have her poon.

so i had myself some poon.