So I've got a Crate MX120R. From what i can tell its a discontinued model, since the only record i've ever found that it exists is eBay (not even their website)

I've noticed that on the distortion channel the amp only has lows and highs. I can get tone I love out of this amp, but I still find myself wondering...
What does this mean about my mids? How are THEY controlled?
Explain to me how this works if anyone knows.
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Instead of splitting the frequency range into 3 - Bass, Mid and Treble - your amp just splits it into two - Low and High. I would think that the mids are just split over those two controls.
i havent a clue and am just guessing, but maybe its shaped from the treb and bass? like if you have bass on 8 and treble on 4 then your lower mids will be around a 6 and your higher mids a 5?
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i think the mids are there and stay the same. then as you move the treble and bass it would change the sound accordingly. want to cut your mids? raise the high and lows. want to boost them? lower the highs and lows
Ha ha, my music man 50RD only has treble and bass too. I just pretend like the Mids are always a 5 and adjust treble and bass to my liking. If you didn't know bass10-mid5-treble10 is the same as bass5-mid0-treble5, the true difference in your tone is the ratio/difference between your bass mid and treble, not where they are actually sitting (though it does slightly effect volume, but thats not a bid deal.)

I know what you mean about the Crate amps that almost never existed. I own a G40C XL which is just like yours... no documentation that it ever existed ever... Mine has a shape nob instead of treb/bass, but no matter, its a crappy amp anyway, that i really keep as a back up.
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My Marshall MG10 only has a contour control (essentially controls the level of treble in the signal), so the tone is crap. Luckily I'm saving up and have enough money for a much better amp.

My suggestion is to get an EQ pedal (cheap one would be the Dano Fish & Chips).
Wrong about the contour. Contour cuts your mids and has a very slight rounding effect on the treble. Basically, an inverse mids control. Presence can be used in place of a Contour but can not replace a mid knob like a contour knob, due to it boosting both treble and your mids.