My bands called Home for the Headlines, we are a post-hardcore/emoish band.
Check us out and leave a comment, much appreciated.

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This isn't really my style of music, so I don't really have too much experience with it, but from what I'm hearing it's really good. Great singing, and impressive screaming too. Love the guitars. Excellent recording quality, as well.

Songwise, I'm digging "Stutter at the Punchline," that's a killer intro riff.
The first two, "Luciano" and "Suzzy," are great as well.
Good ****, you're really tight, great musicmanship. Kind of like a heavier Yellowcard. Your singer can definitelysing, I'm guessing it's someone else doing the screaming, which is
also well executed. Drumming's tight, maybe a bit busy. The guitar-work is well thought out, and it's mixed well, which makes it enjoyable to listen to. Well put together track, well performed and well recorded, good job. Thanks for the comments too, much appreciated.
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It could do without the screaming. Why cover up the singing? It does a great job.

High energy stuff, very tight. I'd go watch your show. The only negative I can think of is that I PERSONALLY feel the main vocals could use more energy. Other than that, like I said, I'd go watch you.

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