I am thinking of getting a Fender American Deluxe FMT strat. Don't worry about my amp, I already ordered a Vox AC30. So as you can tell already, I play classic rock, some metal (the eighties thrash stuff, ex.Maiden, Metallica none of the newer heavy stuff) along with some Chili Peppers stuff. I really like the specs on this guitar. Will it suit my playing style? How does it sound. I mostly want it because of the beautiful top, the LSR roller nut (I use the whammy a lot, but I don't need a Floyd Rose because I don't get to crazy with it), the ebony fretboard and HSS setup. So, what are your opinions on it?

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Its a winner
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Looks sweet, and for the record... I wasn't worried about your amp.

I know, but a lot of people would have complained saying how I should get a new amp first if they thought I was sticking with my Valvetronix.
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That is a money guitar...it suits your style well and it's beautiful. Have fun with it.
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Great guitars, and this one is a lovely color. Win!
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Thats a nice guitar. Get a Marshall (a real one) and you'll have your Uli tone set doubt you like his style though. Say it aint so If so.
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Thats a nice guitar. Get a Marshall (a real one) and you'll have your Uli tone set doubt you like his style though. Say it aint so If so.

Don't worry about the amp. :P

That is an awesome looking guitar
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very nice guitar, would play that kind of stuff very nicely
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lloks very nice

not boockmatched top though
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Looks nice. I'd buy one if I had the cash. I'm assuming you'll be using your OD pedal to boost the AC30 for metal?
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Nice looking guitar, seems like its what you want. Beautiful finish too.
Anyways I never understood this 'Amp First!' theory that goes around on UG, its like a bandwagon saying yet I haven't seen anyone really explain why. Lets say you love and want a 50's Reissue Strat for example but all you have is a crappy 10 watt solid state amp. Well so what, big deal get the guitar you've wanted for a while who cares if it doesn't sound to its full potential on your current amp. Later on you'll upgrade your amp and will buy an amp that matches that guitar well and get the tone you want out of it. To me that just sounds smarter.
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I own one, and thought the sound sucked so much that I replace the pickups with some regular Strat pickups. See, the Deluxe has these noiseless pickups that just sound a little bland and lifeless. I don't disagree with you getting this guitar but I do think you should spend about 150-200 bucks to get better pickups. I must admit she's a real looker