Check out our first demo, "Depth of Soul." We're still working on it, but this demo is pretty much the song as it's going to be. We appreciate feedback, so rip us a new one, or, should one of you find it not COMPLETELY terrible, leave a small word of praise. Please.


Hephaestus is made up 2 guys in the Active Duty Air Force who met 3 other (intermittent) musicians. Now, the 5 of us jam quite righteous.

Kai (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) - Stationed at Scott AFB, started learning guitar during Xmas 2007. Writes most of the original guitar material. Plays lots of Xbox360.

Steve (Backing Vocals, Guitar) - Also Stationed at Scott AFB, started learning guitar very recently in March of 08. Writes most of the original song's lyrics. Plays a lot of PS3.
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So, along with our first demo, we also recorded a longer (and better mixed) demo, and just last night we recorded a rough final, check it out.
i liked the lyrics, the endless repetative guitar power chord riffs got old i got to were i was trying to listen to the singer only and ignore the guitar player