The output from my electro-acoustic is extremely faint and noisy. There is noise when I'm not playing, but when I hit a note the noise gets louder, covering up my playing.

I have the guitar volume set on max, and all the eq knobs set to mid.

The guitar is a Tanglewood TW-145 (with B-Band A3.2 electronics).

I've tried playing it directly into my Boss BR600 and also directly into my Roland Microcube. Through either of these I have to have volume set right up to near max to hear anything at all.

I'm new to plugging in an acoustic. Should I expect a loud, clear signal anything like I get from my electric?
Have you tried using another chord? Your patch chord could be damaged. That was my first thought when I read your problem.

You could also try changing your battery... although, the problem doesn't sound battery related, it wouldn't hurt to try.
Try another cable to plug in with first as captivate suggested, and also try plugging it into another amp, both with your original cable, and another cable. Rule out what the problem isn't and we should be left with what the problem actually is.

Oh, and yes, do try changing the battery, probably not the issue here, but could very well be.

and... one more thing.
When I plug in my acoustic to my electric amp, i have to turn the volume up a fair bit louder on the amp to get comparable volumes. Not quite sure why, but thats what happens.
Ok, I've tried a few things as suggested. A new battery, a different lead, and I've tried it through my MicroCube. I get pretty much the same problem as before, though the output does seem a little louder with the new battery.

The noise fading in and out was due to noise reduction in the effects processor. So basically, the problem is a very noisy signal from the guitar, and what seems like a low volume for any actual playing (I have to turn everything else right down to make the acoustic heard).

Any ideas? Thanks v much for you time.
Low gain and no gain. Here's a few different setups that I've tried;

(Guitar settings in all cases)
Treble: mid
Mid: mid
Bass: mid
Presence: mid
Volume: full

BR600 recorder (test 1)
Guitar input level: full
Record level: full
Master volume: full
Effects patch: none (just plain guitar signal - no effects/amp modelling)
What I hear (headphones): constant white noise, mixed with my playing

BR600 recorder (test 2)
Guitar input level: full
Record level: full
Master volume: full
Effects patch: 'Natural' acoustic guitar patch
What I hear (headphones): constant white noise, mixed with my playing

Amp model: 'Mic' (for mic input)
Gain: 1 (of 10)
Volume: 10
Tone: 5
Effects: None selected
What I hear: my playing masked with white noise (silence when I stop playing - same on the BR600 if I switch on NR)

Tha main problem seems to be 'white noise' coming out of the guitar. There's also the problem (I guess maybe related) of having everything turned up full to hear anything. If I have the volume down so there's no noise, I can't hear my playing.
hmm... does your guitar have one of those 1/4" jack plug ins where the strap button goes? I have one... one time i was playing, the jack started to come out and was making it sound weird, so i checked over my guitar. it turned out that i just needed to screw it back in... that's the only other thing i could possible think of.
Yeah, that's the sort of jack it's got - it seems to be secure.

Thanks for the help.

[edited post] - The problem was with the saddle. It wasn't sitting properly in the bridge and so the pickup wasn't getting a signal. The dealer used a shim to sort it out, and it's now fine.
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