Short demo of my band's new song. All we have is the demo for now, but when we finish the song and clean it up, I'll post that as well.

It's the first one on the band page.


EDIT: New versions of the song are up, take a listen.
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that was tite, maybe turn the volume down a little on the guitar. It kind of fades out the drums. not that much tho
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that was tite, maybe turn the volume down a little on the guitar. It kind of fades out the drums. not that much tho

Yah, the mix is... poor, to be honest. It'll get fixed here in the next few days. Just pretend it wasn't mixed by a retarded monkey (me).
Thats pretty good for just a short demo. The guitar gets kind of repetitive after a while though, but thats what demos are for, to add finishing touches to. Overall its a good song, i really like the vocals.
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That's pretty good, vocals are low obviously but they sound alright, all tuneful like. The guitar does get a bit repetitive, so maybe add some variation. For a track with no drums it carries pretty well. I'd keep with it, try a few different things with it, develop it. So, good job
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It's a very cool vibe - I can hear the vintage sound of it - but you may want to mix it a bit better to make it sound more friendly.... I like the voice its very rockish. Overall good song the drums sound good and the guitar is good to but it may be a bit to distorted but if that's what your going for ... keep it
I'm listening to the second version. The guitar seemed to overpower the vocals, but aside from the mixing it is really good. The singer does have a great voice. It's a lot better than most that try to pull it off this style. There's nothing really to complain about except the quality...not that it's bad, just could sound a lot smoother. Sounds like a song with a lot of potential, and again great vocals. Thanks for the comment on mine.
Thanks, I'm glad my voice isn't scaring people away.

And: New version of the song up. Close to final.
Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, but I'm finally here.
Just listened to the song, and I did like it quite a bit. It's very well put together and flows very well. I like the interlude in the middle of the song, as well as how the guitar fades out before the drums at the end. Vocals are excellent, as well.

My only criticism seems to have been echoed by the other comments - the mix - so instead of just saying that it needs work, i'll try and make a few suggestions
- The drum track is a bit quiet, and it could use a volume boost to bring it to the front of the mix.
- The drums also seem somewhat repetitive. Maybe you could try adding some fills in there to spice things up. Don't neglect those cymbals .
- The guitar seems way too loud, which is probably the fault of the crazy bass frequencies that were recorded with the track. If at all possible, try and eq down some of the bass frequencies, around 100-200 Hz. That should make it less muddy.
- Also try brightening the guitar up by boosting some of the higher frequencies, around 5,000 Hz, unless you were going for a darker sound.

That's all i can think of at the moment, but I hope it helps . Thanks for the comments on my song, too.
v4 up for crit. I tried to mix the song a little better, and I added a palm-muted guitar for accent. Any new thoughts, please let me know.
You should have made a thread for the final version instead of the demo. You can sing well but musically it's extremely cliche. I know grunge is a simple and popular genre, therefore it's been beaten to death by every modern rock band in America, so try experimenting more. Make the song structure more dynamic which doesn't necessarily mean add more stuff. Try opening up the chords a bit like you did in the bridge. Vary the percussion and have the other instruments interact with it. Those are just some suggestions...
first off all, i thought the drums could use more reverb and maybe some distortion on the snare. the guitar was way to muddy. vocals were decent, but they sounded a hell of a lot like the foo fighters. melodically, it was honestly a bit monotonous. i got bored with the guitar. chorus/bridge dealy has way to much reverb on the vocals, but melodically is much better.

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