This is one of my first recording with the setup that I think I'm going to stick with. The drums get off about twice, I believe, and I'm not a fan of my own singing. However, overall, I'm happy with it. It was created for a benefit concert hosted by hundreds of churches for Invisible Children in Nashville. Tell me what you think. Thanks.

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Honestly, I wasn't impressed. You said you're not mad about your singing, so that's fair enough, but for a 6 minute track, there just wasn't enough going on to maintain interest. The guitar was fairly basic, vocal melody itself was meandering, and the lyrics which I could decipher were fairly uninspiring.
I really think it would do you good to think about what a song needs for it to work, for it to draw someone's attention, keep writing, trying new ways of playing chord progressions, listen to music that goes beyond, chord(4times), chord(4times), chord(4times), chord(4times).
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