ok so in a band the guitar canbe either:


my friend is like: i wana show of all teh timezor!!!! i want to sing and play lead. how combinient is there for the bands singer to be lead
1. couldnt really understand what you were saying.
2. alexi laiho does the lead work for children of bodom, and sings, well screams, but ya. and he is one crazy motherf*cker on guitar. check em out.
if he can sing and play lead well than let him. if not put him in his place

im not passing judgement but you sound a little jealous if you ask me
haha, i wanted to be like that in my old band. it's possible, look at Oasis' "Don't Look Back in Anger"
im not jeoules. Hes a greedy ass bastard. he claims its his band and when picking his name we all decide on something and his like " No its my band i choose!!!!!!" and he sings like crap. and besidess were talking about a guy who can barley play smoke on the water but he dosnt want to understand that he sould go to hell and play rythm. BTW Alexi is a god at guitar but he shouts crap at the rythm of his lead not to the rythm of the rythm.
Jimi Hendrix, Billie Joe Armstrong in the old days, when he played more solos, Billy Corgan (probably spelled wrong), and Tom Verlaine off the top of my head. There are hundreds of others. It's not that unusual.
Eddie Van Halen did it until Diamond Dave was let in.
Livin' Easy, Livin' Free
I kinda sorta do it badly....It's easy if there's no complicated lead work during singing parts, but the problem is when you try and play Cemetery Gates...how the f*ck do you play the main riff and sing the chorus at the same time?