Ive had the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal for almost a year. I still love the sound this thing puts out but on stage it just doesnt cut through the mix. I need suggestions on a new distortion pedal. Im heavily influenced by Thrice so I guess im going for that kind of sound, very dynamic but heavy and light when i need it to be.
you dont need a new distirtion pedal. have your tried useing a booster, messing with the settings, there are many things you can do to cut through the mic
What amp do you have? Also, what are your settings?
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Ive been looking at the boss mega distortion. But I think it might be a little over the top gain wise. Im not really into metal anymore so i dont really need a metal pedal. I just want a new pedal that I know can handle metal if I ever want to play metal. But I mostly want it for a good heavier rock type of tone.
for gigs i use a friends ampeg half stack. on the pedal my settings go..
Level 1 o'clock
treble 1 o'clock
bass 1 o'clock
mid 11 o'clock
mid freq almost 12
and distortion at about 1 to 2

i really dont like this pedal, im pretty much set on a new pedal. Just dont know what one

EDIT: its not the amp, the amps clean tone is awesome.
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That is perhaps the most important piece of info you can provide us with.

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C'mon mate. He said he uses his friend's Ampeg halfstack (not that that narrows it down TOO much) for gigs.
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