So when i build my bodies, i mgoing to have my CNC route the bridge placement, so that it remains constant and perfect.

I have the CAD for a JS1000... which uses and Edge Pro tremolo... Does that tremolo have the same spacing/stud size as an OFR?

If not... does it have the same spacing/studsize as an Edge 2? i just dont feel like paying 300 dollars for a tremolo... and id rather not put something that says "ibanez" on one of my guitars. I modified the body design and everything so its not like im straight copying anything, i just really dont want an edge tremolo on it.
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there's templates for every kind of fr hope that helps. not sure if the ofr is a direct replacement for the edge, but i thought i read somewhere that they are.
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ofr = edge 3 but not edge pro(slightly wider(so i'm told))
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