Okay ive never had a guitar just not work but at saturdays gig my guitar failed to function..it had no signal going through various amps. if this is an electronic problem, is it commonly a rewiring job or do pickups need replaced commonly?
I've been playing for 4 months and thats it, but I'm gonna guess it might be the input jack. I'm probably wrong though.
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did you try turning the volume knob on the guitar up? (I seriously thought my guitar was broken once and that was the reason)
it also may just be as simple a ground problem...i had the same problem and thats what it was for me, but i could see the bad wiring
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possibly the input jack.

...was the volume on the amp turned up? was everything plugged in? power on?
right, well... lets start at the beginning.
assuming your pickups work, the first thing is are they wired properly? has something come loose internally? no?
right, erm... input jack! i have an input jack on my first electric made of a crap metal, that bent so it didn't connect with the cable, thus, no signal
it'd be best really to open the back up and see everything is still soldered tight. if not, get out your soldering iron and fix that (if you know how everything is supposed to be wired, if not, get a mate to do it).

if the guitars had a bit of rough treatment there may be some wires loose.
also, did you use the same guitar cable all the time? is that messed up or stuff?

i haven't ever heard of pickups needing to be replaced commonly at all, only when they **** up.

so basically, check all the internals are good, then check the input jack again, then check the cable.

if the input jack is bent (doubt it), just bend it back with a little light pressure from your finger.

it was like 3am when i wrote this, sorry.
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