Okay, so as many of you know I play a MIM Strat.

I have been looking to replace the pickups in it for a while, maybe some that will add some "oomph" to my tone, as well as some clarity ( I think the stock ones are a tad muddy).

I play classic rock, blues, hard rock, and older metal (Sabbath, etc...). Mainly classic rock and blues, though. I don't really have a budget; I have a summer job, so I can save if needed.

If it helps, me amp is in me siggy.

So folks, what pups do you think would be best for me?

Thanks, guise!

EDIT: I'm not really a big fan of noiseless or active pups. So passive is preferable.

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Try checking out WCR pickups, they make some good pups
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rockmonkey pickups

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Thanks guys, any other suggestions?

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Bareknuckle pickups are the best i have ever used
pm tim and he will customize it to specs but they are pricey
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Ohh yeah, I forgot about Bareknuckles...

Those I will take into consideration as well. Thanks for the help so far, guys!

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

Fralins or lollars are great for the vintage tone. The fender custom shop sets are pretty good too.
i feel like a broken record, but for not too expensive but nice pickups, look into bg pickups. stuff like stephens designs or bk pickups might be better, but they also cost twice as much. and my bgs sound great. but if price is no option, id probably go for bkps.
Are we talkin an SSS config or an HSS config?

I really like my DiMarzios, but if you're willing to shell out a bit more cash, check out Rockmonkey, Kinman, Stephen's Design and BG pickups, all should be great. Bareknuckles are good but for the price I honestly don't think they're really worth it (in the US), the companies I listed can easily match their quality for half the price.
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