I primarily play In Flames, Children of Bodom, and things of that nature and I need a guitar for that. I want an ESP/LTD, but my friends Ibanez RG somethin is beautiful.

My peavey just doesnt cut it for metal, and I didnt know Id be gettin into metal when I bought my guitar. Any suggestions? Under 1000 would be best. Id like a sustanic pickup too.
well, until it gets moved.

look at schecter
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get a ibanez s series they have great tremelos and u can get for for like 600
I was thinkin Shecter, and I played a C1 Classic and loved it. Im still waitin to try a Hellraiser though and Im debating to get a FR or not.

I also need a good classical acoustic if it counts for anything lol.
My brothers got a c-1+ and its got a great feel to it, pickups are above average for stock but are occasionally upgraded. I tried a Hellraiser at GC a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. Can't go wrong with a $500+ Schecter, great value for the money.
To be fair, anything with a humbucker should be capable of making metal. Heck, some bands use Stratocasters to make metal (Iron Maiden being a prime example). What it comes down to is personal taste. Play a guitar, and buy it if you love it. Don't buy into brand hype.
Get what feels good.

From all the hype I hear on this forum about Schecters, I actually found myself wanting some before even playing them. Then, I went to GC, and played a few. I hated the feel on them. In fact, I couldn't stand it, at all. The bridges felt really high from the body (on non FRs) and the necks were just..... ugghhh.

Get what YOU think works well. But make sure you play it first.
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What's your amp?
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jackson dinky, schecter hellraiser. you cant go wrong w/ either 1
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Ibanez rg. The fastest guitars in the planet in my opinion. Whatever pickups or hardware you dont like, you can always replace. What i did was get an RGT42dx, and replaced the pickups for Dimarzio D activator X pickups, and the tremolo system for a Floyd Rose made Floyd rose (OFR).

Best combo for the price. It will run you about 1 grand.