Pretty much Im a noob to all this, bear with me.

Got a Squier Affinity Fat Strat, has 2 pickups and a humbucker, 2 tone knobs and a 5 way switch. As far as an amp goes, Ive got a Fender G-dec junior. For what I do, it works fine. There's one thing that bugs me though- A constant audible buzz, a noise that is always there. When i plug in I get noise, when I play I get noise. Any setting changed, guitar or amp, there is still a noise there. It's amplified more when only one single pickup is selected, tone up all the way, and all the tone knobs tend to make it louder when increased. Would this be a problem with the pickups, the wiring inside the body, or the amp in general?
That's what you get with single coils. The noise should be less when you switch to the humbucker.
no, its normal. if you play in front of a computer or radio though, try to find somewhere else to play, it'll reduce the noise
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There will naturally be more buzz from the single coils. The humbucker will have less. It also could be where you're playing, if you're playing near flourescent (whatever that spelling is) lighting, your computer and/or monitor, or pretty much any electronics for that matter. The only real remedy for that is to simply move your amp or play elsewhere.

One thing you could also try to do is shield the inside of the pickguard with some copper shielding tape. You can order that from most online music shops or possibly even your local hardware store. Remove the pickguard, and cover the inside of it with the copper shielding tape (just the pickguard itself, no need to put it on the bottoms of the pickups or cover/wrap any of the wiring).
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I think for the setup i have (guitar, computer, all tech I have basically in my 11x11 room with a full size bed and other furniture, a bit low on space) and for as insignificant as i play and record I can deal with the buzzing. Thanks for the info