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Do your parents or neighbors complain about the volume of your guitar?

My mom always bitches about it...saying that "you play it night and day!"
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I often play loud, but not too loud for anyone.
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i live 50 yards away form my parents in a different house and they always call telling me to turn it down...but do i? no.
lucky u lefty i half to play acoustic a 11 cus then i get the cops called leagally u cant file a noise complaint b4 11 so i can play loud all day
You know what they say in Guitar Hero, if it's too loud then you're too old.
in my room i can't go past 2 on my amp without getting yelled at and outside of my room guitar is a sin my parents hate guitar so usually i use headphones in my room and get yelled at for not being able to hear them when they want to yell how i dont do anything lol
No, I very rarely get complaints from my parents about the volume of my guitar, and I don't play outside hardly at all, so I don't get any complaints from neighbours.
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my dad gets pissed if i play my valve junior at more than a 1/8 of the possible loudness.
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Quote by sasquatch ass
my neighbors hate me. ...

Same here.
ive never had any problems. i dont usually play really loud though. loud enough to hear me through the house but not too loud that you can hear every note i play crystal clear. just loud enough to jam with my CDs. and thats usually during the day when no one is home so its fine. at night i just use headphones. on the weekends i guess my parents just dont care.
My brother used to say it was too loud, but he's pissed off about it now, don't know why, but I don't care. My parents and neighbors have never comlained, so it's all good.
Well I work at nights, so my parents are at work(but I still don't put it too loud, due to hearing damage that can come from 100 tube watts ) But my neighbors never complain, they do hate me however from various things, but I just yell right back at them and they shut their mouths.
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Line 6 TonePort = win. Plug the headphones in and I'm set. Great tones, never have to worry about parents or neighbors. When I had a stack though...oh yeah. :p
there's this switch on your amp.. it's called the power switch. if people complain about you playing too loud, you can just flick this and the complaints instantly stop, it's amazing.

Seriously though? i hardly ever play through my amp, and when i do i ALWAYS get complaints from my parents. I used to use headphones but it sounded so **** i gave up.
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i don't usually play that loud..i get abit shy

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I recently bought a Orange Thunderverb 50 which has a built in attenuator which lets me play whisper quiet with a nice tone.

I have a wife and kids and I'm always considerate in regards to playing too loud when they're around. That's why I send them out for ice cream from time to time and rattle the walls.

In a way I'm happy I don't play too loud all the time; not good for the old ears.
My parents never complain. Until i turn my Boss DS-2 on. I think my dad hates it

I don't hear the neighbours complaining. they are the sort of people who'd just instantly take the un-necessary action of calling the police rather than just ask me to turn it down - if they do i will. and i haven't had a visit from the cops so i guess they haven't felt the need to ask.
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Nope, my mom plays guitar too, so she doesn't mind, and the houses in my neighborhood are all pretty spaced out, and I haven't had a complaint yet.
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I live in a apartment, when my practice amp is at 3 I get calls already
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I recently bought a Orange Thunderverb 50 which has a built in attenuator which lets me play whisper quiet with a nice tone.

I might have to look into one of those because playing soft out of an amp is such a pain you cant get the same sound
My wife does sometimes . She's just let me buy a very nice Blackstar Artisan 15 but won't let me crank it up. Luckily I'm about to start a new job where I will get days off, so I'll crank it up then when she's not around.
my brothers always get pissed b/c my amp is cranked to 1 omg!!! yea i said 1, theyre little bitches
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well my mum does when I play into the eairly hours of the morn.
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No complaints from neighbours, because I live out in the sticks and there aren't any within hearing range! My parents don't mind, but I don't play loud (or even through the amp) that often because I'm not good enough! lol (i've only being playing for 2 months...)
I only play loud enough that I can still hear the pick hitting the strings. That's when people are home, anyway. When they go out, the amp goes up to 4/5 or even 6 if I'm in the mood to blow my ear drums.
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i guess im lucky, i play pretty loud in my bedroom, but the parents almost never complain, neither do the neighbors
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They don't tell me to turn it down. Most of the time they tell me to turn it up so they can hear it.
My new neighbour bangs on the wall all the ****ing time.
He's the one who got laid very loudly (only once in the two years I've been in this house may I add ) and plays his music real loud, I have my FIFTEEN watt Laney on 3 and he knocks. Now it is quite loud but only "I can hear it if I have NO noise in my own room and concentrate on it" loud.

My sister always complains too, but that's cos we hate eachother so she has to complain..
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You know what they say in Guitar Hero, if it's too loud then you're too old.

hehe.... I think that expression has been around since the '60's

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My mom complains that playing guitar is all I ever do. Most of my neighbors don't care. The only ones that care are the morons that live behind us.
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i have a 15 watt epiphone ss cheap amp and i put it on 1.5, just between quiet and no sound at all and my whole family bitches. My neighbors have bitched but only when im home alone and crank to 6

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This is really gay, i play really loud for 2 hrs before my parents get home after i get home from school, and my neighbors don't care, and just old my mom how they could hear it, and then she was like, "turn it down when we're not here"... i don't. Then we argued for like hours about, well when CAN i... but anyways. The gayest part is my neighbors don't even mind, they don't complain or anything, and i always get into trouble because they'll be talking about something, and my neighbors will be like, "yeah, i could hear you son jammin"... you know, in that corny old people kind of way, then my mom gets all angry. I can hear the conversation, too, and then my mom will be all angry and screaming, "i told you to STOP PLAYING SO LOUD!!! The neighbors complained again." And i can hear their conversations perfectly and they don't complain. It's so stupid.

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My mom told me to turn the volume down when the guitar wasn't even plugged in..
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