I'd like to know what strat owners think of their guitars, I want to know both MIM and MIA. Currently I have an Epi Les Paul and an RG1570, do you think a strat would compliment these guitars? How does your strat rank up against your other guitars? Sorry if this is the wrong spot for this, haven't been on UG in a while, although I did search for it.

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i actually have a left strat strung righty, and i think its filth. i love it do death.
I have a Tom Anderson with stacked single coils and it is just a beast when it comes to any type of music. I also have a tricked out Mexi that just smokes also but I have almost $800.00 in add ons for that guitar and the Anderson Is like $4500.00 new. Strats are great they can really do anything.
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I love mine. I don't use it for metal too much(too bright for my metal taste) but for most other things I use it for. Extremely versatile(S-1 switching on mine, HSS configuration).
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It would compliment your humbucker-equipped guitars very well. Nothing very jangly about an RG, you know?
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Jake will suffice.

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Strats are the ****. no doubt about it. although i do like Teles a little bit more.
and of course it'd go well with those guitars! neither one can jangle like a Fender.
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