Whats up guys...what are some good exhuast systems for imports...mufflers, tips and everything would be great.
i dont want to sound like an ass, but wouldnt some sort of automotive forum be a better place to go with a question like this?
i got flow masters on my cammarro and a englich company i think makes my nissan zs i think there bhe or bbe or something like that
You CANNOT just put a muffler tip on your car, that is poof effort. Plus, unless your car has the performance to back up the sound then dont do it
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magna flow....

the pipes are low grade stainless but the mufflers are high grade and are not magnetic
i instal them and never had one rott just a little surface rust

either way there warrantied for life so it doesn't really matter
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Don't go for sound, go for performance. Generally the ones that perform well sound great. The main thing, though, is to not sound like a rice burner.

If you're trying to make your car...better...I'd focus on getting the body in good shape. And of your car looks anything like the car below, forget it. You'll just look like an idiot.

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Small, 4 cylinder, low displacement engines sound like crap with chambered mufflers hooked up to them. It sounds like a drunk belching into a coffee can. If you want to do it right, do it from the headers all the way back. But I still think modifying imports is retarded. I love owning a completely stock Civic
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