little something i wrote in the car today.......
let me know what you think

enduring terms of endearment
from the mouths of devils
prevalence is provided
through piercing tounges

feeling the ceiling beneath the floor
no need for a jacket
packing bags to vacate
through one handle doors ------doors that only have a handle on one side...not sure if thats clear

summer all year,
no rain, thats great
grab a spot in line,
they toll souls at the gate
I would have to disagree the title is horrible, in my opinion, however the lyrics are rather entertaining.
"I was influenced to play the guitar after I saw the guy on Power Rangers do it. I figured it would be easy, since a guitar is basically a big kazoo."

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The title did it for the lulz, but the rest was... meh? I can see what you're trying to do, it just... meh.
nice. the title sounded like a 'dont loose yur virginity girls' kinda thing
good lyrics/poem tho