MY older brother and i had a fight a while ago, because he hated the girl i was mackin on with while out on the town. He called her a *****, and I've pretty much liked this chick for a good year and a bit.
He came up to me and started tellin me to stop being such a Pansie and should get rid of her (more harsh's about her). Then the whole 'I'm the better, older brother' thing started, and he began calling me pathetic, because i havent moved out of home yet, (i go to university, good funding is hard). And he's a try hard, impress everybody, look good, and I'm the long haired music kid of our family. So he looks down at me, and i fu cking hate it.

After a good amount of words and me not wanting to fist fight at all, I pushed him, and he got kicked out. (i work at the place where we were, i just had the night off).

He had come down for easter weekend, and we already wanted to kill each other in less than 24hours. Still since easter, i have the same anger still boiling in me.

My bro lives in Alice Springs in northern territory, and i live in Victoria (Australia), i barley ever see him, a good year in between every time we see each other. I was talking to his friends the other day; which are also good friends of mine, and even they said they did'nt really want to talk to him after about 20mins of seeing him again; said that he'd changed, a lot more arrogant and better than everyone.

Am i supposed to still be angry? I'm sure a lot of pit monkeys would know what 'brotherly love' is about, but has it ever got to this point? Anyone felt the same i feel about my brother? Thoughts? I dont know if i should give him a call and see how he is since he was last here.
I have a brother about two years older than me, and it's gotten to this point, but seeing as I'm almost sixteen, and he's almost eighteen, and he's only a junior, and I'm only a sophomore in high school, I can't exactly yell at him to move out.

He's okay at times, but most of the times, he's just a total jerk.
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Well, it is your GF, so you dont necessarily need to worry about advice that others give you. You view her from your perspective, dont let him nor anyone else tell you how you should view someone you care about.
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