The game, World of Warcraft, is becoming like a drug to me. I thought I wouldn't get addicted but I slowly am. Ive played 3+ hours a day for the past week! Its also taking up time where i could be playing guitar. Is this game worth the time and more importantly the money($15 a month)? And is there anyone here that plays or is addicted to this game yet still has time to play guitar? Im thinking I may need to put down the game before it takes control of my music and social life.
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Nah, I use to be addicted to Football Manager. Try and stop because I imagine WoW is the kind of game you can't just play in small bursts.

It sounds pretty trivial but it really ruined my life.
do you have anything better to do?
I have no opinion on this matter.
Stop playing it and make the most of your life kid.
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dude i was the same exact way with wow but after awhile it starts to get old... i mean i sitll play but not nearly as much
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do you have anything better to do?

Play my guitar, skateboard, and school work are a few things. But WoW is taking my life away from those things.
If you're concerned about the money aspect, you can always just play on a private server for free.
limit yourself to how much you should play
i play wow, and play guitar, and go out and have my social life, and work
its not hard
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I'll give you a serious answer here. I play WoW, never got seriously addicted to it, I mostly play in moderation. It never really distracted me from my playing because I would always have my guitar on my lap and just play while waiting for something. (Like your scales, thats what I do) Great game, but Guitar pwnz WoW
i played dark age of camelot on/off for about 6 years,i used to play mad crazy like 8 hours a day nearly everyday

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I use to play that until I got a girlfriend. How bout getting one of those?
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This kid who lived in my building had to drop out of school because he was playing too much WoW. He wasn't going to classes at all.
dude i almost failed 7th grade 4 years ago because i was addicted to a game like that (mmorpg) i hate those things

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lol maybee i shuld start playing since my girlfriend of 2 years dumped me cus she says we started datin to young
the addiction is in you, not the source. mind over matter, for one. and for two, you're weak-minded.

i guess i'm still bitter about losing guys i used to jam with to wow, but i think it's total crap

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I was like this with runescape

But runescape sucks so I quit and haven't been on in 1 year
I had a problem with it during the summer break before I started college. I realized as time got closer to go away, for my own good I had to give it up. I did and I am much happier for it.
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When I played, I used to only play when I knew I wouldn't be doing anything better. It kinda filled that 9-12pm block of time on school nights when there was nothing to do. And I usually did my homework while I played.
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If you're concerned about the money aspect, you can always just play on a private server for free.

whats that?
Private servers = win. Seriously though, I recommend quitting as soon as possible. Think of all the things you could do in the real world instead of waste it on that alternate reality time sink.
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do you have anything better to do?

I think u just blue yourself!!


OT: quit and just dont look back. Try other things to keep ur mind off WoW like smoking
^This post was probably sarcastic


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it's taking over you'r time. the only way you can break you'r addiction is by breaking you'r wow cd, delete you'r account, etc.

that's pretty much how i pretty much got rid of my addictions.
Dustin Kensrue, the lead singer of the band thrice was addicted to it, reportedly he played it so much that it was gettting in the way of writing, so one day after a show he walked off stage and uninstalled it, and never looked back.

so you see its a serious problem, even musicians have trouble with it. just be glad its not crystal meth your addicted to.
A friend of mine gave me WoW to download on my computer. I think I actually played it twice before I deleted it off my computer. Personally I don't like the game that much. It just seems kinda pointless and like it tries to be one of those games that takes a lot of man-hours to be good at. Almost like the creators are trying to get you addicted to play more and spend more money. =O
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No lie. There was actually a tick (as in the small, blood sucking insect) on my balls.

It freaked me out bad.

quit that game now for your own sake.

Since i've quit that game my life is a million times better
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quit man just quit. or slowly kinda stop playing if your like hardcore addicted but man trust me. i played about a year ago for about 8 months and it was horrible. when i quit i looked like ****. pale skin. weak looking. and sometimes i still get these urges to play that dam game.

so trust me. i know it seems fun and all . and you want to do all this cool stuff with all the cool people in the game but dont. stop. please stop. Unless of course you want to do this...


then its ok to play and you should probably play every second of your life so you can succeed in college and get a good education to support your family

I used to play WoW. I just stopped one day for no real reason, and never went back... Filled my time with productive things instead.
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Quit now while you are thinking of it. I quit 9 months ago and I'm all the better for it.
what made me quit was thinking about all the money i spent on pixels when i could be using that for new gear. that really got me pissed so there we go. good luck budday
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I was addicted to that game about 2 years ago, and eventually I just got really bored with the game and moved on.

However, in the past few months I've been playing again. BUT this time I decided I wouldn't waste hours upon hours a day playing it, so now I only play occasionally. The point is, you can still play WoW if you think you have the self-control.
I played WoW for over two years. I was HOOKED. I played a Paladin. I ran my own raiding guild for awhile, and as a kid I could definitely say I have awesome charisma Haha, it takes me back!

My guild broke up after awhile, due to drama reasons etc. I learned a lot from the game, in the context of learning to deal with people. I had to deal with older people most of the time, and as a young teen at the time it was kind of hard. I got into one of the best guilds on my new server after transferring, and got some of the best gear in the game, etc. Then it was almost time for school again. It was either my friends and guitar, or my e-friends and epics. "Girlfriends come and go, but epics are SOULBOUND!"haha

It's not really the game itself that is addicting, it's the fact that you FEEL you have to play, like it's your obligation, your full time job. Especially if you're in a hardcore guild like I was. You have to attend every raid. If you want to be successful in the game, you need to play a lot. Although Blizzard is doing a good job now in helping the casuals, it all boils down to being hardcore if you want to be successful. It was 50% skill, and 50% gear. If you had bad gear, it didn't matter how good you were. Now that I think about it, it isn't really that hard of a game, either... As long as you weren't stupid, and had some common sense. If you were pro then you'd have good observation skills, fast reflexes, and know every class really well, but that takes a long time to really be able to anticipate what your opponent/partner's are going to do.

I could go into huge detail, but I'll keep it short and simple; You COULD do PvP, and just get arena gear, just play your 10 games a week and get your gear... but for me I loved to raid, which took hours of my time.

In closing, stay away from the game.

It will ruin your life.