ok so my girlfriends going to Emmanuel college next year. its in boston. she claims that she is going to join the Boston College marching band

i said that doesn't make sense and of course she started bitching me out but i have a few problems with it

1. Its BC's marching band...not Emmanuel's....

2. Aren't college marching bands like really prestigious? like kids get scholarships to be in them?

3. She claims that all she'll have to do is try-out and because she has a friend (who is a freshmen now) that she'll basically just get in

so i was wondering if anybody knew anything about it
but it sounds ridiculous to me

help please?
listen Anj all you need to do to let her know the truth is you look her in the eye give her a hug and then you kick her in the nuts
You can be part of another school's ensemble.

I'm looking at schools in Boston and I know that because Berklee doesn't have a marching band, many Berklee students join Boston University's marching band.

Also, there are deals between schools sometimes. For example, Northeastern and New England Conservatory have a joint program set up for music students.

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