Hey guys, i got a new fender awhile ago, but i still have that darn adhesive tape on it, i was wondering if i can get it off without removing the strings?
You mean on the pickguard? Just peel off what you can, poke it under the strings, and pull it out the other side.
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Lol, i used a small knife, and i didnt scratch it :P

Thing is, their is still some under the Tone and Volume keys., how do i go about getting it out of under their? some of its up and when i move them they make a sound like the tape is stuck
to completely take it off u need 2 unscrew the pots for a bit. but u dont really have to, just rip it off so that your knobs hide the plastic thats still hanging out
Well, what u have to do is take the whole pickguard off then take the knobs off from underneath, peel all around to make sure that there is none left and then take the pickups off to make sure there ain't any there?
Or you could just knock the tone knobs off rip and put on,