I read somewhere that playing guitar on your left leg instead of right is more like playing standing up and will help you to be better at that. Is this true? I see a lot of people using the guitar on the right leg...
like further away from you? like if youre right handed use your left leg as a rest and for lefties use your right leg? seems awkward. i suppose its harder but it wont emulate it.

Quote by trsc
it doesn't hurt as quickly to play long.

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putting it on your left leg is a lot more like standing up, the guitar will be more paralel with your shoulders than it will be on your right leg. it feels weird at first, but you just get used to it
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Quote by trsc
it doesn't hurt as quickly to play long.

arn't you doing something very wrong if it hurts? even if it's just after a long time of playing..

in my opinion, resting guitar on one leg or another does not diminish or augment any possible pains, there's just a different technique needed, like playing different instruments
for example, i like resting my (octave) mandolin on my left leg, because that's a better position for the mandolin picking technique.

resting the guitar on the left leg is surely not gonna influence your abilities of playing standing up, when i stand up i usually rest the instrument on the right leg, so it would'nt make sense improving the case by resting it on the left leg while sitting down.. and standing with the guitar resting on the left leg in my eyes is a horrible position, even making it harder for the right hand to stay in a relaxed position you can keep for any amount of time..

btw, if you have trouble playing standing up, just hang your guitar higher, even if you think it looks less cool, it'll be in the position of sitting down and thus isn't any harder.
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