I owe everybody a lot of stuff. I'll repay all that. Soon. Promise. This is more or less OTS.

Chris "The Rabid Wolverine" Benoit

I watched from the ceiling.
My hands held the ring under the cool tap water
and I watched my fingers work themselves
into tight white crosses and
bright white lightning.
My mouth pushed and pressed itself until
it shone out like thunder,
shouting pixelated hymns
that my body remembered from
its time in summer camp.

My hands matted against themselves
and thrashed for their lives
to hold on to the other.
They moved like great white snakes
or blind comets.

I watched from my ceiling
and my body moved in space.
My head flailed like a ghost
desperately looking
for any way out of itself.
I evaded my eyes.

And I peered helplessly,
like a broken-armed voyeur
or a god,
as my hands came together around my
tight human throat
and pulled it tighter
like a graduation hug
until I slept.

Finally, I came down
like a colorless spider
and kissed my own lips.
They were drunk, tangy and clean,
they were beautiful
and perfect
like a Chris Benoit tragedy
or just like Chris Benoit himself.
So fucking human.
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i used to be a huge benoit fan......

did you write it bout benoit or did that just pop in your head at the ending...seems like it coulda had alot different meanings dependin on who readin it before the benoit part
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The only bulge in my pocket is my wallet
No i'm not happy to see you