Hey guys! I'm glad I found this great place, and I need your help. My favorite bands are Nirvana and Refused. Yesterday I decided to have a new hobby: playing guitar. All I know is that Kurt Cobain used Fenders, so I went to Guitar Center and I looked at the prices and I saw scarry things, I asked the sales guy if there were $200 Fenders, so he recommended a starter kit, I think it's the 'Fender Squier' one, it comes with an amplifier and it costs $350. I don't want to be an idiot and buy the first thing that I see, so I came here to ask for your advices. Do I have better options for $350? How would you spend $350 if you were beginning like me? Thanks a lot for your help.
thats fine, since you are just starting it doesnt matter. just get that and play away.
thats probly about right

I'd probly start off with that for $350
but I'm not expert sooo... yeah..

that's why I'd do
and its what my cousin did
seems to work just fine for him!
I started with a Squier, played that for a year and a half, then graduated to and American Strat. I think going with the Squier will be fine for you so long as you practice every day
One thing you really want to give consideration, other than the guitar, is the amp. A good amp can make a bad guitar sound good, and a bad amp can make a good guitar sound bad.

Probably the most recommended practice amp is the Roland Microcube.
Solid state, small (but surprisingly loud), several amp models and effects (to keep playing fun), the ability to attach headphones for quiet practice, and portability (you can run it on batteries). That and it's just one of the better sounding solid state amps you can get, especially for cheap.

That leaves about $225... so on to guitars. There are many Squires that will fit the bill for under that price, but you really have to look at each one closely (some are put together quite well, others, you wonder what they're doing on the sales floor). On that note, it's always best to take an experienced guitar player with you to the store if possible. He'll be able to spot things like a warped neck, rough frets, or other stuff you might miss. A decent and popular guitar that people like to recommend is this... http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-PAC012DLX-Pacifica-Series-HSS-Deluxe-Electric-Guitar-103153664-i1166881.gc
Inexpensive and you should be able to get the tones you want from it. That should even leave you some cash for extras like a strap, extra strings, picks, and so on.

Last but not least. Read this before running back out to the store. It helps to be a little informed when you get in there so you're not completely overwhelmed or "had" by the salespeople.

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Wow thanks a lot guys for your fast responses so far!
@Hakael, the second link is the same as the first one, can you please correct it?
You have $350 to spend?

Squire Affinity Strat - $150 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Affinity-Series-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=510423

Roland Microcube - $125

Total - $275 + tax

Oooohh look under budget

Affinity is better then the Standard cause its an Alder wood body. Buy it from Guitar Center and have the guys set it up for you, I'm sure they'll cut you a deal and probably even do it for free, maybe. Its a good guitar to start off on. Its versatile, you can get lots of tones from it and its comfortable to play.
The Roland Microcube is a kick ass little amp, its small but its loud. You can also hook up headphones to it in case you're not comfortable yet having others hear you, its portable and you can run it on batteries and play wherever. Plus it has a bunch of built it effects like distortion, phaser, delay etc so you can mess around with it and learn about effects too.
Basically your taste will change once you start playing. The Strat is such a middle of the road guitar, so you'll see where its lacking and where its good and then know more about what you want in a guitar when you're ready to upgrade. I wouldn't buy from a starter pack because the amp will be crap and usually the guitars in there are lower quality I heard, not sure if thats true. A cable will cost like $12 and picks like $5, thats pretty much all you'll need. As for lessons, well this site has a sh*tload and youtube is great to use, lots of people posting tutorials there too and its free By the way, Guitar Center owns Muscians Friend so the prices should be the same as well as the stock. Good luck!


Hmm, maybe I should read other people post first, pretty much wrote what Hakael wrote before me
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For an amp get:
The line 6 spider 15 watt amp (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-Spider-III-15-Guitar-Combo-Amplifier?sku=482276&src=3WFRWXX&ZYXSEM=0&CAWELAID=36957777)


Roland Micro Cube:

I like the line 6 for practice and versatility. But the Roland sounds a bit better, and is more durable. Id get the roland. Its 125. But the line 6 is good for a first amp none the less.

As for the guitar I hate the sound of the low end fender squiers. The sound brittle, and harsh. Since at that price range most pickups are brittle, I say go for a humbucker guitar. It will be less harsh. For this I recommend epiphone, or Dean. I usually dislike Dean guitars but they have a really nice guitar for about 100 bucks.


That guitar is really really really good for those 120 dollars it cost. If anything you can upgrade the tuners which is a cheap upgrade and you are set.

One started kit comes with a really nice feeling guitar nice sounding guitar, the line 6 amp i recommended above, for the budget you have. (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Laguna-Ultimate-Rock-Rack-Electric-Guitar-Pack-with-Spider-III-15W-Amp?sku=515204)

I think youd be happier with the dean guitar i linked you to, and the roland amp. That combination would sound pretty nice.
Thank you for your help guys, it looks like I'll get the Fender Squier and the Roland Micro Cube, but will this Amp give me distortion? Will I be able to use it to make noises like Nirvana in their concerts, and maybe Sonic Youth? I'm talking about the electric garbage noises, I like them.
Yea the microcube has many different sounds and effects, you should be able to get tones that you want to play with it. It's pretty versatile. I have the 20x and havent had any problems with it so far. I'd definitely recommend the microcube to anyone starting out.

As for the guitar, I would seriously recommend saving $399.99 for a Fender Standard made in Mexico Strat, the reason being is that you will have a better quality guitar and you will end up saving money in the long run. Let's face it, you will probably end up buying one anyways to replace the Squier. That's my opinion though, it also depends on your seriousness on starting guitar. Obviously money isn't easy to come by, I'm just saying maybe you could consider buying the Fender..
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yes, you can get those noises with that amp. Since it's modeling (it replicates other amps' tones with a computer based system), it can do many types of distortion, along with effects such as delay, reverb (short echo), and echo.
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Yeah...go with Squier. I really like mine...and Fenders are high end guitars...not for starters.
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I'd get an Epiphone special 2, great for nirvana

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Get an amp before anything

Next get some extra sings

Get some Picks

THEN, look for a guitar, as much solid wood as possible on it (never ever ever get a "metal" guitar)

I squire is a good starter guitar.

Not a good idea to get a starter kit though

get a good small beginners amp then just buy a guitar thats alone.

Maybe even try an epiphone instead of a squire
Don't just pick some random guitar.....Play a few in your price range and find one that feels nice then try out some amps with your guitar. Roland Cubes get a lot of praise and they're cheap so they seem good.
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