I have somewhat a predicament on my hands. I am a student with not a lot of cash, however I am sure that my next financial investment (other than college) will be a new guitar.

I currently own a Yamaha Classical guitar that I am more than satisfied with and a Strat copy guitar that can't hold a tuning to save its life.

Although I am happy with my classical guitar, there are times I would prefer an acoustic/acoustic electric; one that I could plug in if I wanted to and one with that tone and sound of an acoustic, but also, there has been many a time I am faced with the frustration of a subpar electric.

My budget for my next guitar (electric or acoustic electric) is roughly $500 bucks.

If anyone could help me with my dilemma, that would be terrific.
Thanks in advanced
Electric, since you can always get an acoustic emulation pedal later on down the track
Electric, you can get more bang for your buck IMO for $500 if you're electric shopping compared with acoustic shopping.
check the acoustic electric section of guitar center. Sometimes they got some insane discounts in there. I got an ovation LX 1778 elite for 500
thats an insane discount.

Last time they had this 2k dollar taylor for 800

Check the clearance stuff... seriously.

If your electric is really good, and you do play acoustic stuff, i say go electric acoustic. If you dont care for acoustic music, get an electric.
Think of it, what do you want to play the most? Acoustic or electric? If you can't decide, go for an electric since you already have a decent acoustic. Or wait until you're sure of which way you want to go. Since I got my electric, I almost haven't played acoustic at all, and I don't miss it. But that's me, and everyone is different. I liked acoustic more in the beginning because of that all I had played was a pretty crappy Squier with a crappy Kustom Dart 10, but when I got a better one that changed.

I hope this will help you a bit.
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I think it looks like you prefer your accoustic to your electric, so I'm gonna have to go with a better electric.