Ok, I started a band with a friend of mine a while ago. We agreed that everyone in the band would choose two songs for the band to play from their favorite style. But, when I brought him anything from my style of music (classic/hard rock), he shot it down the second he started listening to it. Basically the only songs that I choose that he will play are songs he already wants to play (basically alternative stuff). On top of that he started to tell me that we wouldn't be doing much lead work (I'm the lead guitarist, he plays rhythm and sings, and we have another guitarist that does a bit of all three), so I'd have to be just fine with not getting to play much other than rhythms. I was fine with this, because I really wanted to be in a band, even though his style is nothing like mine.

The problems mainly started at our past few band practices. The first thing he does is run in and take the best amp and effects (we borrow some equipment from a friend of our drummers so we don't have to drag our stuff to where we practice). We will come up with some simple riff, and be jamming on it, kinda working it into something like a song, and he just starts to solo, for no reason; and he takes the longest solos out of anyone in the band. Its to the point where I'm the lead guitarist and I solo for the least amount of time. When I do try to solo, he either tries to stop the song there, or he stops playing entirely and just stares at me. Plus I realized that I get really bored with the songs he wants to play.

Then he wanted to play for a talent show. So he gets the band together, sans me, and auditions, then invites me to watch the band audition. After the band auditions he auditions by himself, ruining the band's chance of winning the show.

Lately he's started drinking, plus he's in terrible debt, and he expects people to buy everything for him. Right now I don't know if he's going to be able to afford to come back to school next year (I seriously doubt it). But, like I said, he's an amazing rhythm player, and he's a pretty good singer to boot.

Do you guys think I should bother sticking it out with him just so I have a band to play in? Or, should I ditch him and start hunting for a new band?
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nah man theres better ones out there....... theres not any point in being in a band if your not having a good time
well it sounds like you're not having a good time, and that's the biggest part of bein in a band: havin fun makin music with people u have a lot in common with. so yeah, maybe you should start lookin for someone else.
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Band members with baggage and/or a disruptive ego should be taken out into a street and shot. I say dump him, and his alternative band, after which you form your own better band, and then show him up at the next talent show that he signs up for.
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Sounds like a ****ty band experience to me. If you're not enjoying it, get out. You'll find another band eventually.
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Bands are about two things...good music and good times. I quit after I stopped having both. If both are gone for you, I suggest you move on. You never want to be in a position where you are dreading practice or even just don't wanna go most of the time. It's all about the good times, and if not that then the music has gotta be up your ally. I say walk...
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Thanks guys. You are totally right, I'm not really enjoying myself anymore.

I think I'll just ride it out for the rest of the semester, I don't think he'll be able to keep the band together over the summer. When we come back to school next year I'll be able to get our other guitarist (who likes lots of my stuff, and is a kickass singer), and I might be able to get our drummer and bassist to join up with me, basically kick him out without having to kick him out.

I think I've realized that I just can't be in a band that isn't my style. I get bored to easily!!!
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good idea or u do it straight away, talk to others (maybe they dont like the guy either) and kick the guy out. Or if you feel uncomfortable just talk to the others, make the band break up and then reform!!!!
If you have the luxury: form another band that agrees more with your style. But if you appreciate his knowledge, why not ask him to give you lessons? Meet him regulary. You could kind-of pay him by buying him lunch once in a while, if that is what you are doing now anyway. (Maybe you better not tell him it's his payment. Some wh*res don't like to be called wh*res, you know).

You don't have to kick him out. Just start a different project on the side. Play stuff he doesn't like and use that as an excuse why he wasn't invited in. Stay in the other band to learn from him.

I wouldn't be dishonest though. Tell him you have some musical differences but that you respect his abilities. Unless he's a complete assh*le, don't risk loosing him as a friend.
If I were you I would voice your concerns about not having a good time and about his attitude to him and if he doesn't do anything to try and accomodate just go.
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regardless of how someone good is, i refuse to work with them if they have a toxic personality or lifestyle.

its up to whether its worth putting up with him or not.

I should also mention, that no matter how good he is, there will be someone better.. perhaps even in your style.
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