Hey gang, I snagged an awesome deal on a Mesa half stack, $900 for the lot. I've got a Nomad head on it and it needs new tubes. The ones from Mesa would run me around $170 but I can get ones from musicians friend for around $120. I'm looking at some Ruby Tubes 6L6s for the power tubes and some Tungsol ones for the preamp tubes. My question is will the ones not from Mesa make much of a difference on my sound? I've never had a tube amp before so I'm new at this whole thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks gang!
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Non-mesa tubes will sound better. Mesa puts their name on the cheapest tubes available.
You might want to look at places like tubedepot, dougstubes, kcanostubes, thetubestore instead of buying at GC. They overprice their tubes and don't test them at all like they should.
JJ 6l6s and tung-sol preamp tubes would be good. If you want to keep the price down a little you can get EH preamp tubes except for tung-sols in V1 and the phase inverter.