Ok, so I'm thinking about purchasing this horizon from esp. There are two variations of it. There is the 59/jazz pickup combo, then a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (bridge) and Jazz (neck) pickup combo. Does anyone have experience with the Custom 5 and Jazz combo? Could I get some metal,progressive and vai tones out of it?
The jazz is super bright and clear in the neck. Lots of clarity, tightness and note definition making for great for neck shred tones. The Custom 5 I currently have in Les Paul and it's a heavy pickup, even mids and a bright top end with a balanced bottom. They both have the right EQ for one another, and fit with one another well. I now have a 59 in my Les Paul neck position, but that's because I am primarily a jazz player, and the brightness wasn't doing it for me, but under gain it doesnt sound anywhere near as good as the jazz pickup.

Both are very expressive and clear/even pickups, and thus they are as versatile as the player using them, so if you can play those styles those tones will come easily.